E-Learning Project - ASP.NET Project

Project Details
Project Code DW103
Project Type ASP.NET Website
Front End Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (.Net 2008)
Back End Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Project Cost

About the Project

E-LEARNING PROJECT is developed in ASP.Net. It consists of three set of users

Activity - 1

Staff: Registration and Login
Student: Registration and Login
Admin: Can see the list of all registered students and staffs

Activity - 2

Staff - Can Write Articles and Upload Files
Student - Can Search and Download the Articles
Admin - Can see the list of Articles uploaded by each staff

Activity - 3

Student - Ask doubt regarding a subject to a Staff
Staff - Replies for the doubts of all the students
Admin - Can see the list of all doubts (Answered / Un-Answered)

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For Purchasing the Project Contact
E-Mail: dpjegankumar@gmail.com
Mobile: (+91)9952346866


For Purchasing Projects
Email: dpjegankumar@gmail.com
Mobile: 08285347566 or 09952346866